A short guide to first time Facebook Ads users

Facebook ads are described as paid emails and messages that are constructed and developed by businesses that work on par with Facebook. These emails or messages are sent to certain userson Facebook’s database that match the target audience of the business. If you are a business looking to for cheaper alternatives to traditional methods of marketing without compromising efficiency, then Facebook ads are for you. FB ads allow you to carry out your own advertising campaigns on the platform or you can delegate that task to firms that specialise in it. Regardless, we will do some looking before leaping into Facebook ads. If interested, you can read more at facebook ads Geelong.

Evolution of Facebook Ads

Since the establishment of Facebook in the year 2004, it has been growing at a steady rate and has developed into a global network used by more than one tenth of the global population. Shortly after Facebook was launched, small companies and students were able to develop and design minor flyers or ads that would specifically be advertised on Facebook. Initially those flyers were advertising promotions of small events held in colleges or parties. This method was further enhanced where new members or new companies could create their own Facebook page. Finally in early 2009, Facebook had exceeded its target goal for its advertisers and their ads, along with giving the upper hand for the advertisers to have the freedom to create their own personalized ads and have control the placement of banners for their advertisements.

Placing Ads on Facebook

Using Facebook advertising has three requirements, and these are either a private Facebook profile, a Facebook page, or a business account. However, in addition advertisers can book their ads through a special business account, which can only be applicable when the requirement of a minimum monthly wage is met with. Once this wage is settled, there many advantages in possessing a personal business account to publish an add. The advertiser has the control of the content, design, and graphics of the ad and at the same time the advertiser has control of the desired target to be reached and can also propose a daily budget.

Targeting in Facebook Advertising

The real advantage to you or your business is in the value Facebook brings to your ads through targeting. Through the years, Facebook has expanded in its targeting options for its advertisers. To name a few: –

  1. Age and gender: advertisers can mention their desired age group or if they want to address men, women, or both.
  2. Links to Facebook: advertisers can control their Facebook page by excluding existing followers from their advertising.
  3. Work and education: advertisers can target their ads based on certain specifications of either the profession or the employer.
  4. Interests: advertisers can use their ads to target the interests of their viewers. This is generally depicted as a strength in Facebook advertising.

Facebook advertising is described as a classic tool used for marketing purposes to bring about branding or to further promote campaigns. Facebook advertising has become such a big part of marketing that marketing agencies will do it for you. Given the current trend, Facebook Ads will only become more ubiquitous towards the next decade.

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