Essential Communication Devices for Your Boat

Exploring the waters on a boat is dangerous especially if you don’t have the right equipment ready on your boat. There are plenty of things that could possibly happen while you’re out on the waters and it is important that you have all the basic equipment and devices ready especially when you’re out alone in the water.

Aside from navigation, communication is also another important thing you’ll need when travelling on a boat. You’ll need devices that would help you communicate with the coast guards as well as other boats nearby. Here are some of the best and essential communication devices you need to have with you on your boat.

VHF-FM Marine Radio

When it comes to versatility in communication, a VHF radio is one of the best devices you should have. In case you’re in distress or having an emergency onboard, you can use this communication device to reach the coast guard as well as other boats nearby who could possibly help you out with your problem. This device works more like a safety device rather than just for communication purposes since it could greatly save you when you’re having a marine problem.

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

Navigating the waters is a lot different than driving on a road. There are no street names and other labels that would help you determine your exact location and where you’re going to. With an emergency position indicating radio beacon, you can let the coast guard know where your exact location is which is greatly helpful in times of emergency. It also sends them other essential information about your vessel such as to whom it is registered and the contact details. Indeed, this is another great device that would surely help you out in times of need.

Sound-Producing Devices

Aside from radios and beacons, you also need some basic communication devices such as those sound-producing ones. These devices are used to send emergency distress signals especially when the visibility isn’t that good. It works perfectly by getting the attention of everyone near your range if you need help or having problems onboard. Sound-producing devices could be a whistle, air-horn, or anything that is approved by the state regulations. Before going out to the water, be sure that you have a sound-producing device with you on your boat.

Visual Distress Signals

Aside from sound-producing devices, you also need visual distress signals to call for help especially when you are sailing near a populated area. Visual distress signals work best when the visibility is clear and everyone could see the signal. It could either by a pyrotechnic or non-pyrotechnic signal. When using pyrotechnic distress signals, be sure to point it away from people and on a safe direction to avoid accidents.

Before going out to sail, be sure that you have all these basic communication devices with you on your boat. Whether it is an emergency or just sending a regular signal, those items would truly make communicating on a boat a lot easier and convenient.

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