How to Improve Social Media Engagement for Your Business

How can you define how popular your business’s social media page is? Far too many companies are content with simply watching their number of followers going up. Now, while this can be a rather comforting statistic to keep track of, it doesn’t tell the whole picture. See, when it comes to this form of online advertising, it is customer and fan engagement that really matter. After all, you don’t want your consumers to simply see your content and move on. You want them to like, comment, and then share it with someone else. It is only then that your efforts into this form of advertising actually start to bear fruit.
Getting people to engage with your company’s profile, though, can be a rather tricky thing. This is often because there are so many other businesses and brands that are competing for the same individuals’ attention. If you want people to actively engage with your business account, though, these are the tactics that you can try:

Be Informative Not Just Promotional

Far too many businesses see social media as a means to an end. As such, they only ever post promotional ads or images. The thing is, your followers are only marginally interested in the products or services that you offer. They are on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to either be entertained or stay up to date on various subject matter. So, if you insist on keeping it strictly promotional, you aren’t going to see much engagement. This is why you should start posting information, statistics, or news on topics that are relevant to your goods or services. For instance, if you sell activewear, make it a point to post interesting tips about fitness, health, and similar issues. You will then increase the chance that your followers will remain hooked.

Keep Up With the Trends

When you stop to think about it, many of these platforms are breeding grounds for the strangest of trends. This includes various challenges, memes, and other random phenomena. For better or worse, if you want to remain relevant, you are going to need to learn to post about these trends as well. It is only by staying abreast of what people are actually interested in that you will be able to keep them coming back to your profile. Of course, this can be rather tough to manage by yourself which is why you should rely on a social media agency to help you out with such matters.

Keep It Witty

If you were to compile a list of the top trending posts, across all platforms, you will notice a similar thread. This is that many of these tweets and posts are humorous in nature. As mentioned, people just want to be entertained. So, if your content is able to elicit a giggle, then you can be fairly certain that it is going to be shared from person to person. Of course, there are a few rules to follow here. Make sure that any joke that you do make is clean, doesn’t offend anyone, and isn’t at the expense of someone else.

Ask for Opinions

Everyone has an opinion and most people are dying to share theirs. Thus, if you give people the chance, they will often end up commenting on a post where a question is asked. The question doesn’t always have to be deep or even meaningful. The main goal is for people to connect with the post and ultimately, the business. Now, while this is a fairly advantageous tactic, you should avoid using it too often. If you create too many of these questions/opinion posts, you will find that interest will dwindle.

Include Videos

While there is no denying that images are still enormously popular, video is now a close contender. The reason for this is rather clear. Most people prefer visual content as they find it more appealing and easier to process. Video boasts this advantage as well as one other feature – it is largely effortless as well. Followers are able to simply sit back and watch as the information or content is transmitted to them. Adding to this, there is also evidence to back up that there is a greater chance that videos will be liked and shared, leading to greater engagement. As you can imagine, though, quality is important with the videos that you post. So, make sure that it is interesting and boasts a high resolution for the best results. There are quite a few steps that you can take to boost engagement for your business profile. As long as you incorporate these tactics, you should be able to see people liking and sharing more of your content.

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