How you can extend your certificate of entitlement

A certificate of entitlement enables you to own and use your vehicle in Singapore. In order to get this, you will need to go through a bidding process. This certificate gives you the right to operate it for at least 5-10 years around Singapore, but then once it expires, you will need to renew it. So these are the ways on how you can extend it once it expires.


But first, you need to understand your COE renewal. So if your certificate expires, then you must renew it in order to keep your vehicle registered, otherwise it will most likely be disposed. So you need to renew it before it expires or within 1 month after the said expiry date. So this is the process on how to extend coe.

Pay the PQP

The prevailing quota premium or PQP for should be paid according to the category in which your vehicle falls into. And this varies every month, depending on the prices of COE in the bidding process conducted in the last three months.There are 5 categories and these are:

Category A: Car up to 1,600cc & 97kW (130bhp)

Category B: Car above 1,600cc or 97kW (130bhp)

Category C: Goods vehicle and bus

Category D: Motorcycle

Category E: Open – except all motorcycles


Renewal of COE for 5 years

In order for you to renew your COE for 5 years, you will need to pay 50% of the PQP which depends on the category of your vehicle. Wherein for vehicles under Categories A, B, and D, you can renew it for 5 years but only once. And when the 5 year renewal period is over, you cannot renew it again and have your vehicle be deregistered.


And for Category C, you can renew it for 5 years and still have it renewed for another 5 years once the first 5 year renewal is over. But once the vehicle reaches its end of the statutory lifespan, you can no longer renew it and have it deregistered as well.


Renewal of COE for 10 years

You will need to pay for your vehicles PQP according to its category if you want to renew it for 10 years. And for vehicles that have no statutory lifespan, there is no limit as to how many times you want to renew your COE for 10 years.


Have your certificate of entitlement before you buy a car or have it renew so you will be able to fully own and operate your vehicle wherever in Singapore. And an important factor for you to know is what category you car falls under, and where you can bid for the COE.

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