The Australian air quality and your car’s exterior – a side that no one talks much

Australia is a developed country; that’s why all these people are thriving for the PR here. In fact, our country is quite a habitable place with career that goes for eternity. On the flip side, the environmental pollution is rising to new heights as we speak.

With the wildfires, and all the constantly working factories and the typical nature of Australian urban atmosphere, it is not a new news that the air quality has been dropping ever since. The following list contains the main sources that contribute towards the air quality drop based on the fine particles criteria.

  1. Wood smoke
  2. Pollutant-aged sea salt
  3. Secondary nitrate
  4. Soil Dust
  5. Direct emission of vehicles

As a matter of fact, 2009 had the peak of particular based air quality reduction in Brisbane city. But what is the direct connection with your vehicle’s exterior.

When you are driving your vehicle at faster speeds, the velocity at which these particles coming in contact with your vehicle increases. This is based on the relative velocity phenomenon. Once that is being repeated, some sort of weathering would take place on the vehicle’s surface. This is one of the major reasons as to why vehicles start losing the paint quality. When the soil and dusty particles in the air is weathering your car’s exterior, you would see that the paint is starting to show entirely scratched places with time. This is the starting point of the damages to the body. In a background like this, investing in vehicle body protection is very important. But would it cost more?

If you were to go for a Teflon based paint, and the protection layer separately, not only will it cost more, you may have to repeat the process every 4-6 months; that is the repetition of the cost as well. Sometimes, having a cheap paint takes of the prestigious look of the vehicles as well. When reviewing the best car paint protection services on the Gold Coast, you would see that the popularity amongst the car owners, and the degree of recommendation from the companies is quite high when it comes to ceramic based paints. What is the reason behind this?

For an example, the thickness of the ceramic layer of the paint is close to 100 times of the typical and cheap paints you find in the market, which is around 2 microns. This doesn’t mean that your car paint would ricochet bullets, but it will safely divert all kinds of particles in the polluted air, with taking almost no damage to the body. In addition, paints like these are not extremely sensitive to the harsh and constantly changing atmosphere as well. What more protection can you possibly go for?

If you can’t change what is there, adapting for your own safety is what you should do. This applies to your car exterior as well. Hence, make sure to invest in the right decisions.

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