Why Modelling Clay Should Be the Toy You Purchase Next for Your Kid

There are toys that help with kids’ development and as a parent, this should be a consideration when choosing for which playthings to buy. One of the toys that’s been around for generations and is still well received is modelling clay (even if they have the tendency to be really messy).

There are numerous reasons why even though it’s been around since the 1950’s, this educational toy is still around. First and foremost, they are affordable, reusable and non-toxic. If these reasons are still not enough to convince you, modelling clay has been proven to help kids with the following:

To help develop their motor skills

Since modelling clay is moulding the clay into different size and shape, it helps develop muscles and motor movements. Kids playing with modelling clay develop their strength by squishing, flattening and rolling the clay in their hands. Playing with clay will also help strengthen the muscles in their fingers and arms. Not only does the clay help develop their motor skills, it also improves their hand-eye coordination.

To encourage creativity

One of the obvious benefits of playing with modelling clay is that it encourages the creativity of kids (and adults too!). Your kid’s imagination could run free because of the clay since they could create anything that they put their mind into. Encourage them and play with them and you’d be surprised at how imaginative your kid could be.

It’s also a fun way for them to learn colours and shapes. Just mould the clay into various shapes and see your kid mimic you. If you are a parent who is not fond of giving too much screen time to your child or children, modelling clay would also keep them entertained and you would not have to deal with their whining about wanting to use your mobile phone for games.

When looking for modelling clay to purchase, make sure though that the clay you purchase are specifically targeted for kids. With this, you know that the clay is not made out of materials that could harm your child. As a rule of thumb, purchase from well-known brand or those that caters to kids. Most modelling clays or play dough Australia varieties follow safety protocols and procedures in manufacturing for children.

To calm them down

Playing with modelling clay is comparable to playing with a stress ball. Once your kid started getting agitated or is in need of releasing excess energy, you could suggest they play with clay. You could even play with them and once they calm down, you could have a chat about what troubled them. They would soon realize that an open communication is necessary and would resolve most issues and conflicts. Treating them as an adult would also be beneficial for their growth and development.

Improved social skill is another benefit for playing with modelling clay since it would get your kid comfortable in a social setting be it with kids their age or adults especially if it would be a family activity that you also participate in.

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