A Brief Guide for Creating Viral Content

What goes viral online can be very hard to predict. However, some elements can make content more likely to go viral than others. Here are several tips that would help your brand’s content hit the top of trending lists online:

Be Not Perfect, But Quirky

It’s very difficult to take an exact measurement of why viral content end up viral. That’s not because of a lack of trying. Marketers have long analysed droves of viral content to gauge similarities. There are some correlations, but that, of course, doesn’t mean correlation. However, there’s one element that does play a huge role on content going viral: positive emotion.

If you look at viral content, not all are particularly well made or follow a creative formula. Viral content tends to be rather unusual, or even bizarre. What’s Gangnam Style and the Axe body spray “I’m on a horse” man got in common? The music video and the advertisement are hilariously off-the-wall. It perks interest, makes people laugh, and overall provokes positive emotions.

So, don’t stress over creating the most perfect content when you want something to go viral. Make the content stand out in its peculiarity so that everyone wants to know about it.

The Content Must Be Shareable

If there is something all viral content have in common is how shareable it all is. Viral content cannot go viral without everyone sharing it, everywhere. Think about where you heard about a viral video or a photo last? It was probably on a social media site like Twitter or Facebook. It’s also possible that you saw it in a chain email.

To make anything go viral, first you must make the content very easy to share on social media, and then by other forms of electronic communication like email. Post your content on free and open platforms to get everyone to easily pass around the material. That’s the first step in going viral.

Content Type Matters

Some formats of content are inherently more shareable than others. For example, a video is more likely to get shared around than a blog post. What was the last viral blog post you saw? Exactly! If you want your content to break the internet, focus on video production mainly. It’s much more difficult to make other types of content go viral.

Involve Some Celebrity

Content with celebrities nearly always grab attention. That is not to say that you should spend a fortune and feature a celebrity in your content. Rather, try to find ways to work celebrity into your work so that it gets a leg up in getting mentioned on social media.

One great example of celebrity-induced virality is the recent Fiji water girl spectacle at the Golden Globes. Fiji, the brand, hired women to carry water around on the red carpet for promotional purposes. The attempt went viral when one of the women hired to carry water ended up appearing in photographs with celebrities, seemingly without their knowledge. The “photobombing” went viral quick.

That’s just one example of how celebrity can help you promote your brand. Try to find innovative ways to work that to your brand’s advantage, as Fiji water apparently did.

As unpredictable as viral content can be, the above elements can make it more likely that your brand’s content becomes the next trending topic.

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